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The Bharti Group of Industries are separately branded. And are dealing in three premium brands which include DECOR, TUBO , INNATE POWER and VOLTAIK

DECOR Batteris
DECOR Batteris
DECOR Batteris

DECOR (Dual Electrode COre Rectified) is a global brand of Bharti Industries, India. Bharti Industries has been the proud supplier of Decor batteries to globally recognized and reputed Automotive, Tubular, Solar, UPS, Solar Gel, Motorcycle and other industrial batteries. Decor batteries are supplied as factory charged and wet shipped for greater performance and reliability. These batteries are globally available through Decor’s strong and expanding dealers network presently located in more than 17 countries.

DECOR Batteris
TUBO Batteries

TUBO is the premium global brand of solar power batteries offered by Bharti Industries India. Tubo branded batteries are designed with extra attention on diverse global requirements. The brand has earned for itself a unique status by becoming generic to the category of Tubular.

VOLTAIK A wide array of solar batteries have been engineered to Voltaik for different Solar applications. The time tested experience of Voltaik in manufacturing international quality products make Voltaik batteries an obvious choice for global driving community.

Voltaik Batteries
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