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With the brand name Decor (Dual Electrode Core Rectified) An ISO 9001:2015 Certified company has developed its core competency as the manufacturer & exporter of Lead Batteries & Inverters for different applications and market needs with its remarkable quality, durability, and reliable performance since 1996.


DÉCOR pure sine wave inverters supply current from the battery in a reliable and cleaner form. It is very similar to the pattern offered by normal wall sockets. The output offered by it. Decor Pure Sine wave inverters are the best choice for those who wish to use the inverter for high-powered appliances including air coolers, microwaves, or TV. They provide efficiency and consume less power. Pure sine wave inverters are reliable and very effective for running multiple devices as they adjust the voltage according to the power requirements. Even though these inverters are a bit costly, they are an ideal choice that can take heavy loads.


  • PWM Technology: Pulse Width Modulation will provide a steady output voltage irrespective of the load for the protection of the appliance. The PWM-controlled multistage ATM (automatic trickle mode) charging.

  • Hybrid Technology: This hybrid technology will operate the inverter noiselessly and enhance better performance with longer backups and battery life.

  • Copper Transformer: The inverter with copper transformer will enhance the longevity of the inverter by enhancing the battery back-up and thereby reducing power consumption.


DÉCOR Square wave inverters are high-capacity UPS with features such as load and battery level display in percentage, MCB protection, seven-segment digital display, and faster charging ability.


  • Décor Inverter charges the battery with full current even when the mains input voltage is as low as 95v of inputs mains, thereby eliminating the need for an external stabilizer.

  • User-selectable three-mode battery selections for Flat Plate, Tubular & local Batteries.

  • Electronic reverse battery polarity protection.

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