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It is essential to read and follow all of the instructions and warnings in the user manual, prior to assembly, setup or use, in order to operate the product correctly and avoid damage or serious injury.

To avoid re, serious injury, and property damage, observe the following safety guidelines when using, charging, or storing your batteries.


  • DO NOT leave batteries out in the rain or near a source of moisture.

  • The battery should be used in temperatures from 0°C to 40°C. Use of the battery in environments above 50°C can lead to a re or explosion. Use of a battery below 0°C can lead to permanent damage.

  • Never use or charge swollen, leaky, or damaged batteries. If your batteries are abnormal, contact Décor Batteries authorized dealer for further assistance.

  • DO NOT place loose battery cells on any conductive surface, such as a metal table.

  • DO NOT put the loose cells in a pocket, bag, or drawer where they may short-circuit against other items or where the battery terminals could be pressed against each other.

  • DO NOT drop or strike batteries. DO NOT place heavy objects on the batteries or charger. Avoid dropping batteries.

  • Clean battery terminals with a clean, dry cloth.


Never leave the battery unattended during charging. DO NOT charge the battery near flammable materials or on flammable surfaces such as carpets or wood.

  • DO NOT charge the battery immediately after light, because the battery temperature may be too high. Charging the battery outside of the temperature range of 15°C-40°C may lead to leakage, overheating, or battery damage.

  • Disconnect the charger when not in use. Examine the charger regularly for damage to the cord, plug, enclosure, or other parts.

  • DO NOT clean the charger with denatured alcohol or other amiable solvents. Never use a damaged charger.


  • Keep batteries out of the reach of children and pets.

  • DO NOT leave the battery near heat sources such as a furnace or heater. DO NOT leave the batteries inside of a vehicle on hot days. The ideal storage temperature is 22°C-28°C.

  • Keep the battery dry. Never drop the battery into water.

  • DO NOT drop, strike, impale, or manually short-circuit the battery.

  • Keep the battery away from metal objects such as glasses, watches, jewelry, and hairpins.

  • Never transport a damaged battery or a battery with power level higher than 30%.

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