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Value Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) batteries are made with modern Japanese technology, Tele-communication central station (wired or cellular), Power system communication, and network communication including data transmission, television signal transmission, etc. Uninterruptable Power System (UPS- for Telecom) These are used for high-end applications of standby power like UPS, Electric Converter, Railway Communications, Security Systems, etc.


  • Using oxygen recombination technology: maintenance-free

  • PbCaSn alloy for plate grids: less gassing, less self-discharging

  • High-quality AGM separator: extend cycle life and prevent micro short circuit

  • ABS material: increase the strength of the battery container. (Flame-retardant ABS is optional)

  • High-purity raw material: ensure low self-discharge rate

  • Silver-coated copper terminals (T1, T2 terminal), brass insert terminals, and lead terminals improve the electric conductivity

  • High deep cycle recovery capability.


  • All-purpose

  •  Electric Power System (EPS)

  • Emergency backup power supply

  • Aircraft signal

  • Electronic apparatus and equipment

  • Communication power supply

  • Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS)

  • Emergency light

  • Auto control system

  • Alarm and security system

  • DC power supply

  • Communication power supply

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